Alison Hennessy

Acting Lead, Mindset in Education

Alison believes that all children can achieve their potential if they are resilient, motivated, supported and have a growth mindset.

Alison has worked with school-aged children, their families and teachers for 11 years, first as a chemistry teacher, and then as a researcher at Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian Universities.  She joined the Winning Scotland Foundation in February 2016 to work with John Paul Fitzpatrick to develop, support and evaluate the practical application of growth mindset within schools and the wider community. From her experiences as an educational researcher, Alison knows that a child’s beliefs about themselves and the attitudes of the people surrounding them are both key to wellbeing and attainment. 

Alison loves music, and plays violin and sings in various bands and orchestras in her spare time.

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