Celia Tennant

Chief Executive, Inspiring Scotland

Committed to improving the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable people

Celia spent 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Pfizer and as a senior leader developed a breadth of experience across many areas.

Celia joined Inspiring Scotland at its inception and since then has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the voluntary sector, having led on the implementation and management of all of Inspiring Scotland’s Funds. It has delivered almost £50 million to the Scottish voluntary sector to take on youth unemployment; lack of free play opportunities for children; more support in early years; and support for disadvantaged communities to harness their own assets.

She brings passion and unparalleled knowledge of the ventures across all of Inspiring Scotland’s funds as well as a commitment to improving the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable people. She is a voluntary Board member for a number of not for profit and sporting organisations.

Celia loves the great outdoors and enjoys pushing herself to new limits through multi-sport and endurance events. She also relishes time spent with family and friends.