Positive Coaching Scotland

What is Positive Coaching Scotland?

The Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme  works with coaches, parents, club leaders, teachers and young people to create an environment where youngsters learn and develop through sport. Young people are developed not just physically, but socially and pyschologically as well.

sportscotland lead the national roll-out of PCS, in partnership with ourselves, and provides the tools and framework to create and maintain a positive sporting environment for all.

How we do it

Workshops and information materials are designed and delivered to the key influencers in young people’s lives: coaches, parents, teachers, and club leaders.

The workshops target groups within schools, sports clubs and sports development networks across all of Scotland’s local authorities and a number of agencies, including the Scottish Football Association, Scottish Premier League, Scottish Rugby Union and Scottish Athletics.

Along with the workshops there are tools, video and practical activities that will help create a positive culture and environment where young people enjoy sport and learn important skills for life, such as resilience, confidence, leadership and determination.

Why is it needed?

Sport provides great opportunities for developing young people.

The value of sport goes beyond the sports field and can impact young people across a range of attributes, including education performance, personal standards and behavious, social skills and employment opportunities. It also has huge health benefits from reducing obesity to reducing anxiety and increasing mental well-being - all of which are issues for many young people today.

By creating a postive learning environment trhough PCS we want young people to stay-in and enjoy sport so that can take advantage of all its benefits.

Our results

Since 2011, Positive Coaching Scotland has delivered nearly 2000 workshops across Scotland.

These have been attended by:

  • over 14,500 coaches
  • 950 teachers
  • over 3600 players

along with many more parents, leaders and tutors coming to our workshops and going on to being trained to deliver PCS to others.

Get Involved

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about PCS or would like to be involved in using our workshops.

Anyone, from any sport, is welcome to get in touch, whether you’re a coach, club leader, official, parent or player or anyone else interested in creating a positive environment for young people.

Please speak to Grant Small, Programme Manager or call 0131 455 9750 or 07535 693 873.