PCS Plus

PCS Plus equips sports clubs, coaches and parents with tools and guidance to develop young people physically, socially and psychologically, providing a holistic learning environment for young people involved in sport.

PCS Plus teaches how to develop a positive learning environment in and beyond sport, and educates key people involved with a young person’s development through a series of workshops and resources. 

The content focuses on five key areas, increasingly important topics for young people:

  • Mastery
  • Confidence
  • Mindset
  • Life skills
  • Values

Why is it needed?

Sport provides great opportunities for developing young people.

The value of sport goes beyond the sports field and can impact young people across a range of attributes, including education performance, personal standards and behaviours, social skills and employment opportunities. It also has huge health benefits from reducing obesity and anxiety to increasing mental health and overall wellbeing - all of which are issues for many young people today.

By creating a positive learning environment through PCS Plus we are helping young people to stay-in and enjoy sport in order to take advantage of all its benefits.

"Good football coaching develops engaging life skills that will benefit the young person as they journey through life. PCS Plus is a fantastic programme that equips coaches with skills they can then use to train young people to approach both football and life with the correct attitude."  Steve Clarke, Head Coach of the Scotland men's national football team 

Our results

Since 2011, 2000 workshops have been delivered across Scotland.

These have been attended by:

  • over 31,000 coaches
  • 23,000 parents
  • 10,000 leaders
  • 4,100 teachers
  • over 14,000 players

along with many more who receive 'tutor training' in order to deliver PCS to others.

Get Involved

We have handed over the long term delivery of PCS Plus to our close partners, the Scottish FA, Scottish Rugby and sportscotland, allowing more young people to participate in the programme and achieve their best. Keen to know more about PCS Plus and how it can be used by you or your club? Please get in contact via the relevant details below:

  • If you are involved in football (e.g. as a coach or with a club), please contact your Scottish FA regional administrator or visit the Scottish FA PCS Plus page.
  • If you are involved in rugby union (e.g. as a coach or with a club), please visit the Scottish Rugby PCS Plus page.
  • If you are involved in any other sport, please contact

Positive Coaching Scotland has launched a pilot project to give young people who do casual sport and physical activity (e.g. as part of the education or in their community) the chance to receive coaching to develop crucial life skills. To read more about the project, check out our article.

For any general enquiries relating to PCS Plus, please contact