Physical activity for life

On Our Marks tests if more children being more active at school, and at home, can lead to improved levels of health, attainment and aspiration.  

Piloted in Saracen Primary School and Keppoch nursery in north Glasgow, On Our Marks has expanded into Barmulloch, St Teresa's and Chirnsyde Primary Schools in the area. The project offers:

  • Training, tools and support to teaching staff to make physical activity a fun, desirable and everyday activity within the school day.
  • Support and guidance to parents on how to be physically active at home with everyday items such as socks, newspapers and tea-towels. 

The development and pilot of On Our Marks has been kindly supported by Norman and Pam Murray, in memory of their sons, Niall and Andrew. We are partnering with north Glasgow's local housing association, ng homes, to expand On Our Marks into schools across the area.  


We have been able to make important links between the school and parents, our staff are more confident in delivering an active curriculum, and our Pupil Council has been improving the school's healthy eating policy by banning sweets and chocolate in favour of fruit. Evelyn Gibson, HT

Via a mobile phone app, families were able to feed back their child’s levels of physical activity after using On Our Marks activities - 139 responses identified the following:

• 44% of respondents spent 30 minutes or more on an activity.

• 62% of children achieved 60 minutes or more of daily activity – an increase of 51% from previously.

• 82% of parents/guardians stated that On Our Marks activities had reduced the amount of time their child spent watching TV, iPad or gaming

See the full case study from Saracen Primary School here and a video from  Barmulloch Primary School here

Want to know more?

To read more about the impact of On our Marks at Saracen Primary School, check out the article about the school that featured in TESS, and a letter featured in The National, both in August 2018.

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