What is Champions in Scotland?

Champions in Scotland is our role model programme that matches inspirational sports men and women with schools and youth groups.

The athletes share their motivational stories and experiences with young people, typically through a series of three visits.

See Champions in Scotland to find out more about the programme and Find a Champion.

How does it work?

Champions in Scotland enables any group or organisation working with young people to receive visits from great role models.

We have over 200 inspirational sports people (including Olympic, Paralympic and World Champions) working across Scotland. The Champions encourage young people to fulfil their potential by delivering workshops that focus on:

  • Succeeding through hard work and sustained effort
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Viewing failure as opportunities to learn
  • The importance of setting goals

Why is it needed?

It is essential that young people have access to positive role-models.

As young people progress through their teenage years, their behaviour can be increasingly influenced by what they see on TV and social media. We strongly believe that direct access to positive role models is a crucial aspect of development through these life-defining years.

Our athletes share inspirational stories and experiences and are people to whom the pupils can relate. Often they were a pupil at the school themselves or grew up in the same area.



An independent evaluation of CiS, conducted by the University of Edinburgh in 2014, detailed the programme’s impact as follows:

  • 90% of (400 surveyed) pupils learned to understand effort and commitment. 
  • 86.7% of surveyed pupils said they were more able to overcome challenges as a result of Champions in Scotland, whether in sport or other aspects of life.

What's Next?

We want as many young people as possible across scotland to have access to our fantastic role model athletes.

Please take a look at Find a Champion and our Champions in Scotland website to find out more.

If you have any questions, please speak to Richard Orr, Programme Manager, 0131 455 9750 to find out how you can play a part in helping young people be the best they can be in life.