What is Work Out for Sport?

A project that matches the skills of volunteers from the business sector with sports clubs and sports governing bodies to help create stronger, more sustainable clubs for young people and communities to enjoy.

Along with our delivery partner, Sported, we are working with Deloitte, Maclay Murray & Spens, Grant Thornton and Tesco Bank together with the Scottish FA, Scottish Rugby Union and Basketball Scotland to deliver the project in 2015 and beyond.

Why is it needed?

Work Out For Sport helps sports clubs faced with business challenges.

By working with volunteers from the business sector, clubs can become stronger, more sustainable and entrepreneurial with increased focus on their future growth and success.

Local sports clubs in Scotland are vital for providing young people with opportunities to be active and learn great lifeskills as well as providing engagement and a focal point for local communities. Reported figures show that nearly 20,000 Scottish youngsters aged 11-16 drop out from sport each year. By having stronger more successful clubs we aim to help address this trend.

The programme is also a great opportunity for companies to develop positive role models in the workplace and local community. Volunteers have the chance to give something back to society and help make a difference.

How does the project work?

Employees are allocated time to work with our clubs through their employers' community investment schemes.

Initially volunteers are working with sports clubs within the Scottish FA, Scottish Rugby Union and Basketball Scotland.

Each club has specific development areas that they want assistance with, these range from fundraising, business and financial planning to property , marketing, governance and leadership. The volunteers work with club officers to build the club's skills in these areas.

What's next?

Going forward we would like to strengthen our partnerships with other clubs, sports bodies and businesses so that the relationship between clubs and local businesses continues to grow.

If you would like to get involved or find out more, please contact Shona Smans or call 0131 455 9750.