What is the North Lanarkshire project?

In North Lanarkshire we take a direct approach in engaging pre-school aged children in active play and games through our Active Families project.

By working in partnership with the Early Years division of North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire, and with support from the James Anderson Charitable Trust, Winning Scotland Foundation seeks to lay the foundations of embedding active physical play at nursery.

Why is the project needed?

Through engaging children with sport during their early years, we aim to develop youngsters’ ability and desire to be physically active as they grow older.

We want to reverse the trend of youngsters dropping out of physical activity and consequently being denied the benefits and life skills that having an active lifestyle can bring.

How do we do it?

The Active Families project offers activity sessions for children in nurseries and parents are encouraged to be involved.

The main aim of the project is to get children active and parents engaged in their child's physical activity and potentially become involved as volunteer helpers in their child's nursery. 

The idea for the project was derived from our Positive Coaching Scotland programme, where it was recommended that for young people to develop a true, lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity, we need to target children from three-years old and upwards.  

Our results

So far, our work in North Lanarkshire has:

  • delivered 1,310 one hour activity sessions
  • worked with over 3,000 individual children
  • provided 46 parent and child sessions
  • worked with over 550 parents
  • ran a Positive Coaching workshop and One Day Certificate in Sport Leadership to 29 nursery staff

Following the success of the project, our next step is to develop ways to roll it out across the region and into other areas of Scotland.