What is the North Glasgow project?

The aim of the project was to increase participation in physical activity, sport, training and volunteering in the districts of Possil, Springburn and Parkhouse.

We have been working in partnership with ng homes, the largest housing association in North Glasgow, and Glasgow Life to develop a community based project focused on helping people in the area, especially youngsters, to be active.

Why is the project needed?

Areas of social deprivation, which include parts of North Glasgow,  experience a range of issues.

These include declining levels of sports participation, lack of engagement with parents and families and rising obesity levels  - all of which can limit a young person's chance to be physically active and experience the rewards that can bring. North Glasgow especially has high levels of unemployment, low income families and communities that  experience a range of social issues.

How do we do it?

A number of initiatives were developed through building and managing relationships with the local community and our partners.

Children were offered a variety of sessions in a range of different sports at easily accessible venues, including football, athletics, table tennis, rugby, biking, golf, wrestling, gymnastics, cricket and basketball. Local people were also engaged as volunteers to work within their communities to develop themselves and also provide opportunities for youngsters to become active.

As well as improving general health and wellbeing within the community, the aim is also to educate those involved on the benefits of an active lifestyle.  

Our results

The success of the project has been recognised by gaining accreditation as a Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy project and will receive further investment for the people of North Glasgow.   

More than 300 children have taken part in the project, as well as 32 young adult volunteers through two linked programmes – Sky TV’s ‘School of Hard Knocks’ and Scottish Swimming’s ‘Swim for Change’.

Get involved

If you'd like to find out more about our work in North Glasgow or are interested in partnering with us, please speak to Stuart Grieve, Project Manager or call 0131 455 9750.