What We Do

Preparing youngsters
for the future

Vision & Mission

Our vision is that all young people in Scotland achieve their personal best in life

Our mission is to create a culture that instils resilience, self-belief, determination and raises attainment and confidence. We work with partners across education, communities and sport to provide opportunities for young people to learn these crucial skills and competencies.

Read our stories about how we've made a difference to young people in Scotland in our Annual Review 2015-16.

One - Create


a positive learning environment around the child by working with teachers, families, coaches and community leaders.

Two - Develop


new techniques for encouraging growth mindsets in young people in sport, education and communities.

Three - Increase


children's access to appropriate role models in schools and communities.

Four - Partner


with local authorities, national agencies, businesses and charities to maximise our impact.

Our Work

Providing opportunities for young people to learn essential life skills

Our programmes focus on engaging with young people at all stages of their development, from 0-18 years old (along with parents, teachers, coaches and leaders) so that they can learn crucial life skills and competencies to be well-prepared for their lives ahead of them.

Champions in Scotland

Champions in Scotland is a role-model programme placing Scotland’s top sports men and women in the classroom

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Positive Coaching Scotland

Encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours among everyone involved in youth sport whether they be players, parents or participants

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Mindset in Education develops growth mindsets in young people across Scotland

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Working With Partners

Creating strength and support by working with others

We work with a range of partners who help us to deliver our aims and objectives and collaborate with us on
common goals. Without our partners, much of our work would be a lot harder to achieve. Our partners include:
sportscotland ~ Scottish Government ~ local education authorities ~ housing associations 
~ sports bodies and organisations ~ businesses

Does your organisation have similar interests and aims?

If your organisation, charity or other body has similar aims and ambitions to ourselves about developing young people then we would be interested in hearing from you. We are happy to share what we do and learn from others so that we can become better at giving all youngsters in Scotland the opportunity to be the best they can be.