Welcome to our new honorary patrons

We are delighted that Olympic champions, Sir Chris Hoy, MBE and Dr Katherine Grainger, CBE joined Winning Scotland Foundation as our honorary patrons in 2014.

Chris is the most successful British Olympian of all time in terms of medals, winning six Olympic golds throughout his cycling career. Katherine shares the record of being Britain’s most decorated female Olympian, winning her gold medal in rowing at London 2012.

"It’s a great charity and it inspires kids to get the best out of themselves. It's about so much more than sport, and shows young people that they can achieve their personal best in anything, whether that be school, music, art or sport, and do amazing things if they work hard,” remarked Chris Hoy.

What does being your personal best mean to you, Chris?

"For me it’s all about hard work, putting in the hours of effort that will mean that you can do your very best in whatever you choose. Different people are good at different things and it can take time to find out what your true passion is, but once you do, don’t give up! Keep trying, working, training, studying or whatever it is that you need to do to be your very best!"

"I am honoured to be a patron of the Foundation as the work it does gives opportunities to young people to experience the journey that can lead to success. As an athlete, I learned so much from those around me and it’s so important for young people today to be inspired to achieve what they want in life and learn the skills that are needed to be successful,” Katherine Grainger told us.

What does being your personal best mean to you, Katherine?

"I truly believe that everyone can be their personal best but it takes a lot of hard work and determination! It took me years of exhausting training, getting up at the crack of dawn, picking myself back up from disappointments and working closely with my fellow athletes and coaches. So for me, being your personal best is about not giving up, it’s about setting yourself inspiring goals and doing absolutely everything you can to achieve them."