North Glasgow schools join On Our Marks

Three schools in North Glasgow have joined Winning Scotland Foundation’s physical activity project, ‘On Our Marks’.

Following a successful pilot in Saracen Primary School and Keppoch Nursery in 2017-18, On Our Marks has expanded with funding support from ng homes. The new schools to join are Chirnsyde Primary School, St Teresa’s Primary School and Barmulloch Primary School.

As part of the project, pupils from Barmulloch Primary School enjoyed a fun-filled day of physical activity and a visit from Scottish champion boxer Lynn Calder on Friday 4th October. The jam-packed day saw pupils and staff have a go at some boxing moves demonstrated by Lynn, and trying out some fun activities to encourage active lifestyles.

Delivered in partnership by ng homes and Winning Scotland Foundation, On Our Marks aims to improve health and wellbeing in primary schools by encouraging children and families to view regular exercise as a fun and accessible thing to do in everyday life.

Through this, the project also aims to improve pupil behaviour, raise attainment and create lasting habits and healthy lifestyle changes.

Winning Scotland Foundation provide training, guidance and resources to teachers, parents and pupils to increase their physical activity levels together. The project comprises three approaches

• Supporting school staff to develop their confidence in delivering physical activity at school.
• Delivering information sessions to parents to help them understand the importance of physical activity to a child’s attainment
• Providing children Physical Activity Cards (also available through the app) that provide over 50 fun games to be active at home or school.

The results from the pilot at Saracen Primary School were very positive and illustrated that there was an increase of daily physical activity along with a decrease in the amount of time spent watching TV. The full case study can be found here.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney who visited Saracen Primary School during the pilot, commented:

“Active children are healthier, happier and more prepared to learn. Simple but fun initiatives like ‘On Our Marks’ are helping young people become more active, and having seen how much Saracen Primary pupils enjoyed taking part I am pleased the project Is being rolled out to other schools.”

Following the pilot, Evelyn Gibson, Head Teacher of Saracen Primary School, said:
“On Our Marks is having a positive impact within the school. We have been able to make important links between the school and parents, our staff are more confident in delivering an active curriculum, and our Pupil Council has been involved in reviewing and improving the school's healthy eating policy.”

Lyndsay Murray, Acting Head Teacher of Barmulloch Primary School, said:
“We recognise the positive impact the project has had in other schools and want that success for our children and families. All staff have already benefitted from high quality training in delivering dynamic and exciting physical opportunities for our children. We are now very excited to share this with our families.”

John Thorburn, ng homes Chair said:
“We are very pleased to have been able to work with our partners on this great project which has had such a positive impact for so many people in North Glasgow and we look forward to continuing our partnership work in the future.”

Find out more about On Our Marks here.