Just keep pedalling!

The Carbon Financial Partners’ cycling team have been training hard for their 500 mile challenge to raise funds for us.

To help with their preparation, we’ve asked some of our Champions to give the team some cycling tips. Here, Fiona Duncan, Paralympic Track Cycling Pilot, gives her advice…

My best cycling tips are:

1. For a long distance ride you have to fuel... just like a car! Little and often is best. I eat something small every 30 mins. For example, a banana, an energy gel, half an energy bar or a small piece of sandwich.

2. Drink! Make a hydration strategy, you will feel awful if you get dehydrated. Start well hydrated then drink often. Every time you get a chance to refill your bottle, finish what you have left and take a refill.

3. Get some padded shorts and grab some chammy cream (or Sudocream or Germolene) and put some on the places that rub on you saddle... You will be a much happier cyclist.

4. Don't forget to enjoy yourself! When the going gets tough, look up from the tarmac and take in the views.

5. Just keep pedalling!

You can donate to the challenge for us here.