Judy Murray receives Foundation award for dedication to developing young people

On 25 November we were pleased to present Judy with the Winning Scotland Foundation Award in recognition of her dedication and commitment to developing young people through tennis and sport in general.

Judy received her award from the charity’s chairman and founder, Sir Bill Gammell at our office in Edinburgh.

Our award is presented to an individual, or individuals, who epitomise the charity’s vision of more young people in Scotland being successful in life and increased opportunities for youngsters to learn through being involved in sport.

We believe that Judy is a great example of someone who is dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to be more active and enjoy benefits from sport. Many people may not be aware of vast amounts of work she does with youngsters across the country, including her projects Miss-Hits, Set4Sport and Tennis on the Road. She has a keen focus on ensuring sport is accessible and affordable for all as well as ensuring young people receive positive and supportive coaching.