Golf by the Numbers

An event at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open demonstrated how mindset and maths really does play a role in everything we do.

Golf is the ideal platform to promote a mathematical mindset.

That’s why at July’s Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open, together with Making Maths Count, the Scottish Government and East Lothian Council, we developed a unique initiative to help encourage greater enthusiasm for maths amongst local school children, their parents and carers and the wider public – using golf as the medium.

We developed an education pack, stuffed with challenges that combine golf, maths and a growth mindset to with 7 to 11 year olds. At the Open, children and their families took part alongside Scottish professional golfer Stephen Gallacher and BBC mathematician, Bobby Seagull. 

From pars, handicaps, distance, ball trajectory and the slant of the green, to managing catering and ticketing for a championship, almost every aspect of golf relies on a numerical calculations.

The lessons looked at these elements of golf to encourage discussion and development of growth mindset behaviours such as challenge and struggle, learning from mistakes and the importance of effort and how this links to numeracy.

Winning Scotland Foundation want all children in Scotland to approach maths with confidence and to transform the mindset that influences our perceptions of who can and can’t be ‘good at maths’, the stereotype that reveals itself every time someone says, “I'm not a maths person”. 

We believe that having a growth mindset approach to maths will enable more young people to feel confident and competent with numbers.

You can read more about the challenge and the event here.