Dylan's Day with Katherine Grainger

Earlier this year, Sophie and Dylan, S4 pupils from St Peter the Apostle High School, Clydebank were selected to interview our honoray patron, Katherine Grainger, on behalf of Winning Scotland Foundation.

They wrote great blogs about their experience. This is Dylan's blog and you can read Sophie's here.

When Mr Daroch asked Sophie and I to interview Katherine Grainger, I was in shock and quite surprised. I was secretly pleased that I was one of two chosen out of a group of 30. I knew a bit about Katherine but when I came back I felt as if I learned way more about her life story. 

I was very excited about meeting an Olympic athlete and getting the chance to interview her was something special, but I was quite nervous about talking on camera and even thinking about there being a camera man and audio man and knowing it was going to get used in Winning Scotland workshops made me feel more anxious. Before I went I knew she had won three silver medals, and one gold medal in London 2012 Olympics.

Before I went Katherine came to our school with a load of other athletes to share their stories and tell us what we had to do to achieve anything from school exams to a sport, it was inspiring.

Before the interview she came and sat down with a cup of coffee and had a laugh and put us in a position that we didn’t feel nervous anymore, and she came across as having a good sense of humour she even asked me not to interview her like Jeremy Paxman!

During the interview she spoke very highly of her parents and she said what a difficult job being a parent is and they are her strongest influence to this day. Before she was a rower she completed a law degree, when she finished the degree she had the opportunity to go for a trial for the great British rowing team. Her mum wanted her to take the safe option which was to be a lawyer because she already had the degree, and her dad wanted her to try out for the team because it was a life time opportunity so she took her dad’s advice.

From Katherine I learned a lot, she said if you don’t do something to the best of your ability then you’re not going to get far in life and she said “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.  I think this quote is really good because if you want to succeed in something you will need to give up time and put in a huge amount of effort to prepare to do it to the best of your ability.