Change up your cycling position

There’s only 20 days to go before the intrepid Carbon cycling team set off on their 500 mile fundraising expedition for us.

This week, Charline Joiner, Scottish racing cyclist, gives her top five tips to help the team with their preparation...

My top advice for cycling would be:

1. Always make sure you are equipped with the following when out riding your bike:

  • spare tube, hand pump or air canisters and tyre levers 
  • money for emergency food/water or transport
  • water bottles
  • snacks if the ride is two hours or more, such as Soreen, fig roles or bananas
  • identification and phone

2. Having a good pair of padded bib shorts will always help comfort on long rides. What a lot of people don't know is that you are not supposed to wear underwear underneath them.

3. Remember it is ok to cycle a meter out from the side of the road especially if you are avoiding potholes. It is good practice and etiquette to point out potholes for those riding behind you. 

4. It is also a good idea to stand on the pedals and get out of the saddle to pedal sometimes. This will prevent back pain and it's always good to change up your cycling position.

5. Have a good breakfast the morning of the event or ride. It is very important to be fuelled for the ride and to take food with you. Eat every 45mins, a few mouthfuls often is good. My favourite pre-race breakfast has got to be porridge with banana, peanut butter and honey.

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