New Year is a time for reflection on the year gone past and all about setting new resolutions and goals.  

This may be a desire to get fitter, take up a new hobby or even do less, but whatever the aim it is a good time where we can plan and re-evaluate priorities.

In both our professional and personal lives we all face many challenges, and sometimes obstacles, to what we want to achieve.  At the Foundation’s pre-Christmas team meeting, each team member had to identify challenges that we were facing at work and how we could provide support to each other to conquer these challenges.

The nature of the work that we do means that in many cases there are no clear cut solutions and certainly no easy fixes. We are a small team with big ideas but careful planning is required so that we can focus on priorities and establish where, with our limited resources, we can help influence change and maximise opportunities for children to achieve their personal best.

It is challenging and many times it will involve going back to the drawing board, analysing what has or has not worked, and perhaps changing direction.  But is it worth it?  Absolutely!  I still find it refreshing to work in an environment where failure is not a bad thing and struggle can be seen as positive.

Now, if I can just apply that thinking to stop me raiding the biscuit tin or my kids’ selection boxes I will be pretty happy!

Good luck with your resolutions and all the best for the year ahead.


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