The Winning Scotland Foundation Experience

This blog is a little different, we asked Adam Boyle, 4th year pupil at Our Lady's High School, Motherwell, who recently spent a week with us doing work experience, to tell us about what it was like working with the Foundation…


This week I have had the opportunity to work at Winning Scotland Foundation for my high school work experience. I was thrilled that the Foundation accepted my request to work with them.

Upon my arrival at the office I was warmly welcomed, which I appreciated greatly as I was nervous at first. Quickly I felt part of the team and I was ready to start my work.

Throughout the week I experienced many different aspects of the charity such as:

  • Office admin
  • Fundraising research
  • Attending meetings with the heads of local authorities
  • Working with Champions in Schools and Active Schools co-ordinators
  • Establishing Positive Coaching Scotland in professional football clubs (Alloa FC)

By getting involved in multiple roles I could get an all-round experience of Winning Scotland Foundation. This made my experience exciting as I was not doing the same activity all the time; I also had the chance to travel all around Scotland from the offices in Edinburgh to Dundee to Hampden Park in Glasgow.  

I would like to thank all of the staff at Winning Scotland Foundation for my great week as I found it very interesting and enjoyable. My experience made me realise that working isn’t as easy as I thought, well certainly not here anyway! Everyone puts in so much effort into their jobs and make it look easy which is why I was so surprised.  Also, all of the staff are so kind which made my week a lot more enjoyable.  So I would really like to thank all of them but especially Morag, the Director, who allowed me to work at Winning Scotland Foundation as there was a lot of paper work needed to let me work here.

I really enjoyed my experience as I learned many new skills and met many new wonderful people. I realised how committed the staff at the Foundation are and how much they care about helping young people develop life lessons through sport. 

Adam Boyle, 4th year pupil

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