Positive Partnerships across the Pond

I have had the great privilege of leading the Winning Scotland Foundation for nearly three years.

With the support of the management board and the great and eclectic mix of skills of the staff team we have been able to do great things to influence the culture around children and young people in Scotland.

We do this by trying new things and building strong partnerships to help more young people achieve their personal best.

One of these partnerships, which I have inherited from work going back to 2007, is with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) based out of Palo Alto California. Many of the team including Tommy, Stuart and Grant have over the years built the relationship and exchanged ideas, information and good practice between Scotland and the States with the development of Positive Coaching Scotland. Yesterday I was able to experience this first hand at a PCA trainers and leaders seminar headlined by Professor Carol Dweck.

As ever, Carol presented a very engaging and reflective view of the challenges in trying to apply growth mindset to the learning and development of children and adults. And although the phrase is becoming a reality TV cliché, she does believe ‘it's a journey’ and we all have triggers for reverting into fixed mindsets however far along that journey we get!

I'm looking forward to more exchanges around mindset application and getting an update on the fantastic growth of PCA when I meet both Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer (pictured with myself and John Paul) and the Founder of PCA, Jim Thompson at PCA at their annual awards ceremony. Meanwhile I will reflect on my own triggers of fixed mindset responses... what are yours?


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