Parental Guidance

18 months ago I made the 'brave' (some may say foolish) decision to take a break from the legal profession.  Partly it was driven by a desire to try something new but more importantly a need to search for that elusive work/life balance that would allow me to spend more time with my children.

June 2015 

When I joined Winning Scotland Foundation I was excited about a different challenge but what I didn’t expect was what it would teach me about becoming a better parent

Parenting isn’t always smooth sailing and whilst I always encouraged my kids to do their best and work hard, if they shied away from a challenge I was likely to put it down to a lack of confidence or fear of the unknown. I realised my kids might be afraid of failing but weren’t most people?

Being surrounded daily by the key messages of the Foundation and understanding the theory behind Growth Mindset has helped me as a parent. No longer is failure negative but instead is something to learn from, improve on and not to be afraid of. Epic fail and total fail have taken on new meanings in our house!

Is it easy to put into practice? Not always! Would I welcome more tips? Absolutely! My son is still scared of failing but I see small signs that we are moving in the right direction. Defeat on the sports field is not so traumatic and rather than concentrating solely on the score line he looks at what can be improved next time. On the other hand, my daughter has totally embraced it. Recently, following an unsuccessful theatre audition came the comment – “next year I will try again and try harder”.

If I have one hope for my children in the future it’s that they will never be afraid to “try again and try harder”!


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