Chasing your dreams

This blog is from a special member of our team, Magda. Magda came to the Foundation from Poland in 2013 and has been open to every new experience and learning opportunity that has come her way...

Another chapter of my life is coming to the end. Bags are packed and tickets are booked. Before I go I would like to share a little story with everyone. A story that warmed up my heart and built up my confidence.

During my 32 months with Winning Scotland Foundation, I heard dozens of inspiring and touching stories. I listened to amazing and lovely people.

I soaked up the messages of creating a positive learning environment for youngsters, using physical activity to change your attitude or need to learn from experience and mistakes. I was amazed and inspired. They encouraged me to do something differently. I thought if you want to change anything, you should start with yourself and do what you preach.

So, I tried. I tried to be open for every experience and don’t take anything for granted. I run with a 50mph gale blowing me off the pavement. I moved flats 5 times in two years. I hiked during hail and pouring rain. I walked more than 20km because I didn’t want to ‘just’ take a bus or taxi. I travelled solo to more than 30 locations in Scotland. I wasn’t ashamed to ask for help. I had to build my confidence and believe in myself to do it. I stepped out of my comfort zone many times and I did it because I wanted to. And yes, I made lots of mistakes and took wrong directions. But this never pushed me off my track. I had to stay strong when I was feeling lonely or daunted, because my family and closest friends weren’t here to comfort me. And I knew this feeling would pass. As they say, spring always comes after winter.

One evening, a couple of weeks ago, I met with a friend called Tamara. She is in her early twenties. That evening we talked about choices we both were planning to make. She wasn’t confident and convinced about her life plans. She wasn’t sure which decision to make. I listened to her, and I saw myself from a couple of years ago when I had had the same dilemma. I felt like sharing my stories and thoughts would help her.

We talked about my experience and the importance of staying positive and happy. At the end of that evening I saw a smile on her face and sparkles in her eyes. A Couple of days later, she messaged me saying I inspire her and my words were very helpful for herself and her thoughts. I got a bit emotional as I never thought I could be an inspiration to anyone. Then I realized, no matter what age you are you can become a role model to anyone you meet in your life. Tamara was my spring. I reassured myself that I am stepping into the right direction.

I am just living my life fully, happily and chasing my dreams. As a by-product, I became an inspiration and motivation to others. This is the greatest outcome and takeaway from my Scottish adventure I could imagine.

Thank you to the whole team of Winning Scotland Foundation for being my inspiration. You helped me to be more confident and better person. You inspired me. Now I inspire others.

Good bye until sometime in the future.


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