What was Work Out for Sport?

Between 2011 and 2017, Winning Scotland Foundation developed and delivered the Work Out for Sport volunteer project.

We matched volunteers from the business sector with sports clubs and organisations with the aim of building stronger, more sustainable, clubs and providing more young people with opportunities to be active.

Each club had development areas that they wanted assistance with, such as fundraising, financial planning, marketing, governance and leadership. The volunteers worked with club officers to build the club's skills in these areas.


Local sports clubs in Scotland are vital for providing young people with opportunities to be active and learn great life skills as well as providing engagement and a contact point for local communities.

Reported figures show that nearly 20,000 Scottish youngsters aged 11-16 drop-out from sport each year. By creating stronger, more successful, clubs we aimed to help address this trend.

The programme was also a great opportunity for companies to develop positive role models in the workplace and local community. Volunteers had the chance to give something back to society and help make a difference.

Our results

112 volunteers from the corporate sector signed-up from several organisations, including our original corporate partner, Deloitte.

81 sports clubs and organisations received support through the project.

The volunteers who took part were allocated time through their employees’ community investment policies and contributed to making a difference to Scottish sport.

“It provides a different dynamic to my 'day job', a voluntary role within an interesting but challenging sporting context”, Deloitte volunteer, Edinburgh.

You can read more about the impact on clubs in our 2013 club evaluation report (pdf).

What's next?

In 2014, the programme continued to be developed with Sported and the Scottish FA.

Following a successful pilot, the Scottish FA now own the programme and are continuing to grow the volunteer links between football and business.

We would like to thank everyone – coaches, volunteers and corporate partners – who have been involved with Work Out for Sport over the years.