Rolling out role models at Mackie Academy

Around 20 pupils from Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, took part in workshops with their Champions in Schools role model athlete, Vikki Bunce, a hockey player who has been part of Team Scotland and Team GB.

The pupils told us what they did during their sessions with Vikki...

Vikki visited the school three times, the first two visits were focussed on working with the us on key aspects of what it takes to be successful in life then for the third visit we decided how we wanted to use what we'd learned.

Success through Effort (Visit 1)

To give us an idea of what goes on in an athletes’ life, Vikki showed us what a typical week looked like for her, she has to work hard to balance all the different aspect of her life.

She took us through a warm-up exercise that simulated the alarm clock going off and then having to run around and get ready in the morning. We also discussed what a healthy breakfast should consist of and the importance of actually eating breakfast. Once we were warmed up we then took part in an activity that Vikki often does as part of her gym session ’14 minute abs’. We worked hard as a group, finding out how to do the exercises correctly and pushing ourselves to hold the positions.

We then spoke about what ‘success’ actually looks like and realised that it isn’t always about the end result but the journey we take to get there, and can be filled with lots of success along the way.

Learning from Failure (Visit 2)

Vikki took us through some skills work where we tried to do different hockey exercises that we'd not done before.

We learnt that through the process of trying, learning from our errors and trying again that we can continue to improve and if we use this process for other aspects of our life then we can always get better. 

We realised that we’d only been thinking about failure in a negative way, but now we can think about it as a new starting point.

School Activity (Visit 3)

We decided that we wanted to share what we had learnt with some younger pupils.

To do this we picked one of our feeder primary schools, some of the group had attended this school so it was nice to go back and visit. We visited Arduthie PS. We split ourselves into two groups and delivered a 20 minute sport session and a 20 minute talk on ‘Success and Failure’ to two primary 3 classes. We had great fun, at first we were all a little nervous but we worked together as a team and managed to share our own stories.

We enjoyed the day so much that we’d like to visit more of our feeder primary schools and are also going to work with our art department to design some posters that we can share around our own school.