What was the Edinburgh schools PE project?

We partnered with schools to develop their physical education (PE) programme and combine pupils increased activity levels with health and wellbeing across the curriculum.

We initially worked with Flora Steven Primary School, Stockbridge Primary School, St Mary's RC Primary School and City of Edinburgh Council to deliver a programme that focused on making physical activity part of every day school life.

Why was it needed?

By engaging children with sport during their early years, we aim to reverse the trend of youngsters dropping out of physical activity.

We also want to ensure that children aren't being denied the benefits and life skills that having an active lifestyle can bring. Importantly, our focus is also on ensuring that these activities are appropriate for the child's age and stage of learning and development.

How did we do it?

We worked with the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian to provide funding and support to allow pupils to receive PE lessions three days a week plus an active class challenge.

Pupils were offered a range of sporting options for Friday 'Golden Time' - an hour of free time earned by pupils during which they can choose activities to enjoy.

We worked to improve opportunities for children to be active in school, engage parents with their child's physical activity and ensure that teachers were confident in delivering PE and other physical activities.

Our results

100% of teachers surveyed noted a positive difference in pupils learning PE. The majority  of teachers felt much more competent (87%) and confident (87%) in delivering physical education.

Parents agreed that the extra physical activities had been popular with their children. The schools also made more use of local community facilities.

You can read more about our results in our Edinburgh PE Project Evaluation Report (pdf).

What's next?

Our work and learning from the Edinburgh schools project is now being built upon in our new project 'On our marks'. 

This project, based in Saracen Primary School in North Glasgow, will look at how levels of physical activity, health, attainment and aspiration can be improved by nurseries and primary schools while enthusing children, parents and carers to be more active in and beyond nursery and school environments.